Runo is a main protagonist in the Bakugan: Battle Brawlers TV series and a protagonist in the Bakugan: New Vestroia TV series.


In Bakugan: Battle Brawlers, Runo brawls with Haos Bakugan (with a Haos Tigrerra as a Guardian Bakugan). She does not own Bakugan in Bakugan: New Vestroia.

Introduction Edit

Runo lives with her mom & dad and helps them in the family restraunt. She is dignified in thoughts with ambition to become a good fighter. She is a good friend of Dan although they both don't project this notion. Runo gets along a Bakugan Tigrrera and plays with her heart and soul along the Bakugan-battle brawlers.

Personality Edit

Runo is a tomboy who loves playing Bakugan with people that have skills to show off. Runo is a Haos brawler.One of the things she hates the most, is when people believe they're better at brawling then her, just because she is a girl. She helps her parents run their family business, and when Alice comes to visit, she helps Runo's family with their restaurant. It is revealed in Episode 32 that she knew Dan from when she was little but didnt know because she didnt catch his name. She also says in this episode that Dan is her best friend. She reached 6th in the rankings.Runo seems to be tough at times but has a sweet heart inside.She cares for Alice considering her as her best friend receiving the same notion. She also holds affection for Dan.


Runo's Bakugan-Haos Tigrerra,is very obedient to her and powerful in battle. Tigrerra later evolves into Haos Blade Tigrerra.

Runo owned the following Bakugan (all of which returned to New Vestroia in Episode 152).

  • Haos Tigrerra (Guardian) (until Episode 132)
  • Haos Blade Tigrerra (Guardian) (from Episode 132 and onward)
  • Haos Saurus (multiple)
  • Haos Griffon (multiple)