Masquerade is a main antagonist in the Bakugan: Battle Brawlers TV series. He is an alternate ego of Alice, created when negative energy from a Mega-dimensional Nova seeped through to Earth from Vestroia by Dr. Micheal's teleportation machine. It was the same process that turned Dr. Micheal into Hal-G.


Masquerade used Darkus Bakugan.

Introduction Edit

He used to be the first-ranked Bakugan player before he left Alice's body. His goal is to send all Bakugan to the Doom Dimension with his Doom Card, so he can evolve his Hydranoid and have the ultimate Bakugan. He is a Darkus battler. He is revealed to be Alice in episode 38 and his origin is revealed in episode 39. Masquerade came to life when negative energy changed Alice (who doesn't know she is Masquerade or what happens when she becomes him). Darkus Hydranoid is Masquerade's guardian Bakugan. (His first guardian bakugan was Reaper, but he sent it to the doom dimension.) He battles with Dan in episode 38 and loses. After that Masquerade takes his mask off, revealing his identity, Alice.


Masquerade's Bakugan's (excluding his Guardian Bakugan, Hydranoid) locations went unknown after Episode 144, where Masquerade disappeared. Hydranoid was given to Alice.

  • Darkus Hydranoid (Guardian) (until Episode 126)
  • Darkus Dual Hydranoid (Guardian) (starting Episode 126) (until Episode 137)
  • Darkus Alpha Hydranoid (Guardian) (starting Episode 137) (until Episode 144)
  • Darkus Reaper (Guardian) (until Episode 113)
  • Darkus Laserman
  • Darkus Robotallion
  • Darkus Fear Ripper