Klaus Von Herzen Edit

He is a super rich Bakugan player. He once worked under the influence of Masquerade but afterwards he becomes an ally of the Brawlers becoming a protagonist.

Klaus fighting

Introduction Edit

He was once the second ranked Bakugan player, but later moves down to rank four after being defeated by Masquerade. He is an Aquos battler and his guardian Bakugan is Aquos Sirenoid, whom he shares a deep bond with. He sent Marucho's Aquos Preyas into the Doom Dimension, but gave him back later after Dan and Julie defeated him. In episode 26, Klaus lost Sirenoid to Masquerade but then regained it afterwards. Klaus later helped Alice and Christopher fight Rabeeder. He sometimes worries about Alice, and is said that he has a crush on her.

Personality Edit

Klaus is an elite but modest and sober person.His kindness is seen when he returns Preyas to Marucho after being defeated although he could have kept it for himself. After defecting from Masqurede's influence he has profoundly helped Alice. He made her confident and conjured a self esteem in her. Later he also helped Christopher and Alice to defeat Naga's Bakugans. He has a liking for Alice although she considers him not more than a friend.He is deeply attatched with his Bakugan Sirenoid.

Bakugan Edit

Klaus' bakugan Sirenoid is an aquos attributed bakugan. She reflects serenity and beauty. She pulls other bakugan in her water through her enchanting forcing music leading to opponents defeat.She is deeply attatched with Klaus.