Komba O'Charlie Edit

Komba once the part of antagonist group now is a side protagonist.The 5th Ranked Bakugan player and Julie's neighbor in Africa.

Introduction Edit

Komba was under the influence of Masquerade which led to a battle between him and Brawlers specifically Shun (because Shun like him is a Ventus player). In both battles with Shun he didn't stand a chance against Shun and was defeated. After the second battle in which Shun fought with Komba in Alice's presence, Komba was lectured by Shun for being so vain and berating his comrade Billy. He realized his fault and requested Shun to make him his apprentice to which Dan & Alice laughed and Shun was bewildered.Henceforth he became a helping hand to the brawlers giving them information.

Personality Edit

He used to be rather selfish and refused to accept defeat. He was walked upon by Vanity which was all washed off when Shun defeated him for the second time.After his first defeat from Shun and challenges him again, although he lost. He was ranked fifth best Bakugan player until his defeat in episode 26 and the loss of Harpus, which was Masquerade's doing. Later on, he moves down to rank 11. He later helps Shun and Julio fight Hairadee and becomes more sensible.

Bakugan Edit

He uses Ventus attribute Bakugan, Harpus. Harpus is an irritating naive Bakugan but with times she grows like Komba. Although she sometimes refuses his orders in battle but the both eventually syncronize well with time.