Billy Gilbert Edit

Julie's childhood friend and 10th Ranked Bakugan player. He is a Subterra player and his bakugan Subterra Cycloid. He played Julie when they first battled, but lost in a rematch, and lost

Billy Gilbert

1 more time when he was under the control of Masquerade. Once while battling under Masquerade's rule, Billy almost sends both Gorem and Julie to the doom dimension. Billy, with Julie, and Nene were fighting Tricloid. At the end of the series, Julie asks him if he would like to go on a date some time, and he agrees. In New Vestroia it is revealed by Julie he wants to be the greatest athlete in the world.

Attribute Edit

He is a Subterra player, his Bakugan is tricloid.

Personality Edit

Billy is Julie's childhood best friend. He is a very outgoing person and once he was under Masquerade's influence. He fought Julie and then with Comba he fought Julie and Shun. When in that state of notion he fought Julie, who with her words and memories saved herself as well as Billy to become best friends again. Billy had given a toy horse to Julie when they were small and assumed to be best friends.This feeling was rejuvinated.In the late episodes it is clear that they both hold affection for each other.

Bakugan Edit

Billy's Bakugan is Cycloid who is a Subterra attributed Bakugan.They both have a very good sync together.