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Alice is a main protagonist in the Bakugan: Battle Brawlers TV series.
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Introduction Edit

Alice originally lived in Moscow with her grandfather Michael Gehabich. When he dissapears she get in worry and soon discovers that he is taken over by negative energy of silent code and now has a part in destruction of Vestroia as Hal-G. She then comes to the Brawlers and lives with Runo.She gets a warm welcome. The friendship deepens with care and trust. Once runo suspected Alice to be the one inflirating Brawler's secrets to Masquerede. This beleif soon proved wrong and things became normal.

She is vital to the team, and as the oldest, she has a deep knowledge of battle techniques although she plays only sometimes. She is also the grand daughter of Dr.Michael Gehabich who was overpowered by negative energy (silent code) becoming Hal-G taking a part in the near-destruction of the Bakugan world.She first hesitated to tell this to the brawlers thinking how awfully they would react and dissent her but when she confessed she proved to be wrong. The brawlers still treated her in the same nice way.

Personality Edit

Alice is a calm and sober girl. She is known to be caring and selfless in regard to other brawlers, especially Shun Kazami. Alice has made good friends with Shun Kazami due to one thing common in them- lonliness. Alice's caring nature is clear when she leaves the brawlers on recognizing that she is Masquerede (so that she doesn't harm them in anyway). Alice is also deemed beautiful by all (not only the brawlers but also all the people at Runo's family restraunt).She is very elegant and a little lonely. She lived by herself in a northern cabin until she flew out to meet . Alice thinks of Marucho as the little brother she never had, and she seems to like Shun Kazami.

She is also helpful as she helps a boy named Christopher to overcome his low esteem an become a good Bakugan player. The same little boy helped her many times forth.


Alice uses Darkus Bakugan. Her Guardian Bakugan is a Darkus Hydranoid.


Until Episode 144, Alice did not have any Bakugan. Her alternate ego, Masquerade, used Darkus Bakugan. During Episode 144, Masquerade left permanently, and Hydranoid (by that time an Alpha Hydranoid) was obedient to Alice.

  • Darkus Alpha Hydranoid (Guardian) (starting Episode 144)